J / c² = Ω / s

( J / c² x Ω ) = f

c² = coulomb²

J = Ampère x Lambda x Ω x f

(Lambda = c.s)

: J = fAcs x kg.m²/s³.A² <>  J = kg.m²/s² = kg.m²/s²

when f becomes f² : so f² = quantum :

you get Power becuz J/s = W I-Jesu

<<>> When the energy (J) arise up to a Point (m³) cuz J = Pa.m³ : the heavenly body (energy within corps) begin to shiver (awaken) becuz the normal frequension vibe rise, which is been called the record of the commune which is also the cause of the climate change (Apocalyps)

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The energy, presumably to do with frequencies, eg The surface heart rate of the earth is 7.83Hz, the innercore is 40Hz and innerinnercore is 80Hz.

a deviation Inspiritual science you can define it as: f . Js = f . JC/A

The spirits power (feeling) depents on the height of the f.

C = coulomb, so see it as it is within and around formed the corps.

cc = then J.F, so the energy which is more available as the totality.
In corps forms does it then mean, that you have among you the energy formed.


Spirit = Power (J/s)    I-Jesu



HET DEBAT. Is dit extreme weer teken dat we ons meer zorgen moeten maken om klimaatverandering? | Nieuws |

c'est une consequence due Pascal (Pressure) riseth due the extra moleculair masses, as gasses can be measured (energy quantity)
was pushed in the volume (atmosphere) (5,15 x 1018 m³. that then in-directly the airstream influence

Joule = Pressure x m³. (m³ = Volume)

Stationair cloudforming caused due rapid absorbing HO (Humidity) in the lowerclouds (grey) up to the higherclouds (white) due by sun (heatens) upwards the cloudforming wheretrough clouds easy get heavy and so difficulte move as quickly they normal would, wheretrough floodclouds (H2O) easy forms, surely where 2 different pressure fields flows (around flows of the great HighPressure airblockstream) which causes then the cloudforming more loaded >> Voltaged.

Joule = Coulomb x Voltage.


Joule x frequention (Hz) = Watt!
(Hz) can be expressed in Ampère / Coulomb.
And Watt in Voltage x Ampère.



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